YCIS re-examines the intersection of humanity and technology

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‘Planet Leadership Series’ is a pioneering thought leadership programme organised by Yew Chung Yew Wah (YCYW) Education Network. The series is open to both members within the YCYW Education Network, as well as online participants across the globe, providing a platform for all parents and students to engage in cutting-edge issues of the modern age. By inviting outstanding leaders across diverse fields to share their insights and stories through presentations, interviews, and roundtable discussions, the programme aims to enlighten the community and illuminate the way to a brighter future. 

YCYW has always been committed to aligning with science and technology, and is renowned for its progressive use of education technology to break down silos and foster effective learning. In keeping with YCYW’s dedication to science and technology, the second session of the ‘Planet Leadership Series’ is centred on the topic ‘The future is at your doorstep: Human vs Technology’. It examined the opportunities and challenges presented by technology, as well as how students can successfully navigate a future of accelerating technological change.

The event kickstarted with an address by Dr Betty Chan Po-king, CEO and School Supervisor of YCYW Education Network. In an era of rapid technological transformation, Chan emphasised the importance of education in nurturing curious minds and caring hearts to provide direction for societal development. “We see ourselves existing not within a bubble, but as active stewards of our planet. It falls on us to care for the environment and for others, and it is this spirit that animates our educational thrust,” she asserts. As such, she views the marriage of technology and education as an exciting proposition that dovetails with YCYW’s mission of aligning with science and technology.

As the keynote speaker, Mr Vic Lee, founder of Catalyst Education Lab and co-founder of Tencent, shared his insights on the relationship between humans and technology. Drawing upon…


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