'You don’t deserve the lift': Chinese food delivery driver has hot noodles thrown at her by customer in viral incident

A student in China working as a part-time food delivery driver has posted online about an abusive customer who refused to let her use the building lift, insulted her work ethic and then threw hot noodles at her.

The young woman detailed the incident in an emotional video post that has gone viral on mainland social media and caused public outrage at the treatment of food delivery staff.

The unnamed woman from Weihai in Shandong province, eastern China, said she was verbally abused by a female customer who ordered a bowl of beef soup noodles at 17 yuan (S$3.5) through an online food platform last Sunday (July 24).

When she arrived at the building, she found she needed a security card to use the lift to go to the customer’s fourth-floor apartment. When she called the customer asking for instructions, the customer told her that anyone working as a food delivery driver shouldn’t be allowed to use the lift, Feidian Video reported.

“You don’t deserve to take the lift, can’t you climb the stairs?,” the customer reportedly told the woman on the phone.

The woman used the stairs and dropped the food at the customer’s door then left to continue her deliveries. However, she soon received a call from the customer claiming there was a problem with the beef noodle order and demanded she return.

Upon the woman’s return, the customer claimed the food packaging was faulty and threw the noodles to the floor in front of the woman, splashing hot soup all over her body.

The woman tried to calm the customer down, suggesting the restaurant may not have packed the noodles properly and offered to get her a new order using her own money.

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“I will give you five minutes to buy a new noodle dish, otherwise I will complain to your company,” the customer told the woman.

The woman rushed to the restaurant where the owner told her that the noodles had been packed properly. She then bought a new beef noodle dish for the customer.

“The customer was still very rude when I returned with a new order, telling me that I neither study hard, nor do a good job,” said the woman, who is seen weeping and visibly distressed in the video.


Yesterday the student said she had moved on from the incident and urged the public not to seek out or attack the customer online.

Many who saw the story criticised the customer’s rudeness and unreasonable attitude, with many calling for a ratings and review system for both customers and food delivery drivers.

“Some customers are really bad, embarrassing food delivery workers and making their job harder,” commented one person.

Another wrote: “They treat people without any respect or manners as they believe they have the right to abuse people.”

Food delivery platforms in China only offer complaint support to customers. However, cases of delivery drivers and walkers being abused are not uncommon.

In May this year, a customer in Jiangsu province, eastern China, requested the food delivery driver bring him a case of beers not included in the original order and collect it by climbing six floors.

Last year, a male customer in southern China threatened a food delivery driver that he would complain to the company if the driver refused to have sex with him.

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This article was first published in South China Morning Post.