'You don't know anything': Mimi Choo not acting in Singapore for now after local director berated her

Mimi Choo has no plans to film in Singapore as of now.

And it’s all because she was berated quite badly by a local director, reported Shin Min Daily News yesterday (June 20).

Mimi, 67, told the Chinese daily: “I experienced this [incident]… where I asked [something] and the other party said, ‘Did you not look at the script? Don’t you know anything?'”

The TVB actress questioned: “If there’s something an actor doesn’t understand when filming a scene, the director should explain it so that the actor can understand the role better. Shouldn’t that be the case?”

It wasn’t just the one time, however, as the director remarked that she “doesn’t know anything” on multiple occasions. Mimi added that she didn’t even experience this while working in Hong Kong.

Between a director and actors, she said, the most important thing is communication. “But some people make me feel like they want you to do what they want because they’re the director, no questions asked!'”

Mimi said: “I really love to act in shows but I don’t like being bullied!”

Despite her qualms about local directors, Mimi also maintained that she appreciates and applauds the hard work that local actors put in for their shows — she had a fun time filming alongside them and even made friends.


“If Singapore wants to develop their showbiz industry, however, there’s a significant amount of room for improvement,” the actress also said.

Mimi is a veteran actress who started her career in the 90s. In her time, she has worked alongside famous names such as Stephen Chow, Elvis Tsui and Barbie Hsu and starred in many TVB projects.

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Apart from the difficulties she faced with local directors, Mimi also told Shin Min Daily News about her troubling familial circumstances as she had only recently finished holding a funeral.

Mimi shared that her fifth sister had just passed from cancer.

“My third sister has dementia and cannot recognise people,” Mimi added. “She’s also weak and prone to falling down, so she often ends up in the hospital.”

Although she is not the eldest of the Choo family, Mimi has a strong sense of responsibility towards her family and often shoulders the duty of taking care of them, Shin Min Daily News reported. 

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