‘You’re not doing your job!’ Guy picks on safe distancing ambassador, scolds and threatens to report her

Singapore — A Safe Distancing Ambassador (SDA) was called out for “not doing her job” by a man who said she did not apprehend a mallgoer who did not wear a mask.

“Woah, this guy picking on a safe distancing officer for not doing her job well and threaten to report her,” wrote Facebook page on Saturday (Sept 11).

It shared a video initially shared by the Instagram page netiizenz.

The video began with the man already engaging with the SDA.

“Basically, you are telling me that if you’re making a report, then if someone is not following safe management measures, it’s not your responsibility because making the report is more important,” said the man behind the camera.

The SDA said that both were equally important.

The man then referred to another man that allegedly walked past the SDA without wearing a mask.

“First, you are not being observant,” the man said.

However, the SDA responded, “I have no eyes behind me, sir,” indicating she did not see the alleged breach in safe management measures.

The man repeated himself and said that the SDA needed to be more observant because the man “was less than a metre away from her.”

The officer then mentioned that the man in question was on his way out of the mall.

“I’m very confused. First, you say that the reason for you not taking action is because he is on his way out of the mall.”

The man noted that the mallgoer had been walking around without a mask.

“This I don’t know,” said the SDA.

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At this time, the SDA placed her hand in front of the camera and requested for the man to stop filming her.

“I know you are recording,” said the SDA.

“Yes, because you are not doing your work,” the man replied.

The woman began backing off, saying, “Sir, I don’t want to engage with you anymore.”

“So, you are not doing your job,” the man repeated.

He then said he would file a report against the woman.

Meanwhile, members from the online community wondered why the man made so much effort to confront the SDA when he could have reminded the mallgoer to wear a mask.

“Go confront the guy without mask if you are so concerned, instead of taking it out on the lady,” said Facebook user Yeo Han Seng.

“So vocal towards Ambassadors but dare not approach the other guy directly. This is exactly the type of person that will just take video during an accident and wouldn’t dare to go forward to help or call an ambulance,” added Facebook user Jun Xiong Wang.

Others noted that recording others without a valid reason can be considered an offence.

They advised the lady to file a police report against the man because he kept recording despite being told not to do so. /TISG

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