A cat-astrophe: Feline in Malaysia rescued after getting head stuck in wall

A cat which (literally) dug itself into a hole in the wall of an apartment was successfully rescued by the Malaysia Civil Defence Force (APM) after the homeowner called for help.

The unfortunate incident occurred yesterday (Feb 17) at a neighbourhood in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Detailing the rescue operation in a Facebook post, the APM shared that their team members immediately rushed to the scene after receiving the call.

The feline was successfully freed after rescuers cut through the wall using tools.

Photos attached to the post show the head of a terrified orange tabby cat sticking out of a hole in the concrete bathroom wall.

Meanwhile, its body can be seen sprawled sideways on the ground outside the apartment.

The last photo showed an APM personnel holding up the feline – which looked somewhat disgruntled.

Taking to the comments section to thank the rescuers, several netizens were also tickled by the ginger cat’s antics, calling the sight “comel” (cute).

“Curiosity killed the cat,” jested some.

“Inevitably, it’s an orange cat,” said a Facebook user, referring to how orange cats are typically thought to be more energetic and more likely to engage in risky behaviour.

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