'Ah Hui, have you eaten?' Henry Thia tears up upon hearing late Malaysian actress Lai Meng's voice in recording on radio show

Those who have watched the Money No Enough movie franchise would remember a comedic, yet heartbreaking, moment in the second film between Henry Thia’s character, Ah Hui, and late veteran Malaysian actress Lai Meng’s character, Mother Yang.

“Ah Hui, have you eaten?” Mother Yang, who shows signs of dementia throughout the movie, asks Ah Hui in Hokkien repeatedly, despite the latter responding that he has eaten and is “very full” just a few seconds earlier.

Lai Meng died at the age of 90 in 2018, but she did a series of interviews with Malaysian radio station Eight FM before her passing.

A segment of the recorded interviews was recently played to Henry, director Jack Neo, Mark Lee and Regina Lim, who were in Malaysia to promote Money No Enough 3.


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