Analyst predicting $100 price increase for iPhone 15 Pro models


Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 15 Pro series is creating buzz with whispers of premium pricing, as per insights from an industry insider. The price tags said by a source within the supply chain, suggest the iPhone 15 Pro could come with a slightly higher cost, $100 to be exact in comparison to the current model.

Additionally, the top-of-the-line iPhone 15 Pro Max might carry a more significant price increase, reflecting advanced features and cutting-edge technology.

Speculations surround exciting enhancements. These enhancements include a state-of-the-art Telephoto lens equipped with periscope technology, enabling remarkable 5-6x zoom capabilities without compromising image quality. The absence of this feature in the standard iPhone 15 Pro may account for a difference in pricing.

Industry experts and analysts acknowledge that while these price estimates are intriguing, they should be treated with caution, as market dynamics and unforeseen factors can influence final pricing decisions.

However, the buzz around potential enhancements such as a USB-C port, titanium frame, customizable Action button, and improved A17 Bionic chip fuels the anticipation for a premium iPhone experience.

Apple fans eagerly await the official unveiling in September, where all uncertainties will be put to rest, and enthusiasts can finally get their hands on the latest iPhone innovations. Until then, the excitement around the iPhone 15 Pro’s pricing and features continues to captivate the tech world.

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For those in other countries, they claim to have been paying for the price increases since the iPhone 14 pro. Furthermore, it is quite normal for a company like Apple to increase their prices regularly, due to supply chain issues and the rising cost of manufacturing.

Others claim that the prices should reduce further. However, Apple fanboys claim that they should never reduce their prices as they are innovating greatly with their new iPhone models yearly. Regardless, non-Apple fans claim that these minor improvements are far from innovations and do not warrant a price increase. This is especially due to the fact that nothing is changing since the iPhone 12 models.

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