Backlash against Singapore Airlines’s economy meals as netizens compare in-flight meals to dog food

SINGAPORE: Singapore Airlines (SIA) is again facing backlash over its in-flight meals after a netizen shared photos of the airline’s economy class meals on social media, criticizing the meals for appearing shabby and cheap.

The photos were originally posted on the Singapore Atrium Sale Facebook page and were later cross-posted to the HardwareZone online forum. Comparing SIA’s economy class meals to those of EVA Air on a Singapore to Taipei flight, the netizen who posted the pictures pointed out that SIA’s meals no longer include fresh fruit, cakes or desserts and are served in cheap plastic boxes.

He also shared photos of SIA’s economy class meals before the pandemic, including a box of fruit, chocolate cake, and fresh meal packs with butter and jam.

The post quickly gained traction and sparked discussions among netizens, who criticized SIA for declining standards but increasing prices. Many also commented that the meals looked shabby and unappetizing, with some even comparing them to dog food.

Some netizens went as far as to share photos of ready-to-eat meals in convenience stores, stating that aeroplane meals looked even more pathetic.

An SIA spokesperson has told the press that the company is grateful for and welcomes passenger feedback. He noted that SIA works closely with domestic and international catering partners to prepare in-flight meals that rotate a diverse menu of staples, including popular local favourites and international dishes.

The spokesperson added that SIA would conduct a comprehensive review before launching a new menu and will also conduct regular reviews with its catering partners to ensure the standard of meals. The company will also take passenger feedback into consideration when planning new meals.

This is not the first time that SIA has faced criticism over its in-flight meals. In 2019, a video of a passenger complaining about the portion size of a meal on an SIA flight went viral, prompting the airline to issue an apology and promise to review its catering services.

The airline also faced backlash in 2020 for serving economy class passengers meals in sealed boxes, which some passengers claimed made the food look unappetizing and cold.


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