Bosco Wong reveals mum 'drove away' potential girlfriends, but is he dating again?

Mothers and their sons’ girlfriends tend to have a tricky relationship.

In a recent interview with Hong Kong media, actor Bosco Wong revealed that he doesn’t plan to get married, and many of his potential girlfriends had been “driven away” by his mother.

Bosco, 42, was asked if he was envious that his good friend, actor Raymond Lam, 43, already has a family.

He said: “Not a big deal. I have many good friends and I am so busy, I am not lonely during holidays.”

He admitted that he does not have thoughts of starting a family: “Maybe because I grew up in a single-parent family, since young I have not thought about at what age I was going to get married, or how many kids I wanted to have.

“My mum never pressured me. If someone wants to be my girlfriend, they have to be approved by my mother first. Heaven knows how many potential girlfriends she has driven away.”


His most well-known romance is his eight-year relationship with actress Myolie Wu, with whom he broke up in 2012. It has been 11 years since then, and Myolie is now married to businessman Philip Lee with three kids aged five, three and one.

Bosco shared that he doesn’t think about how many years he has been single, and also revealed that he has had other girlfriends but kept them away from the public eye.

However, it appears he might not be a swinging single. 

Recently, at a recent performance, Bosco and his good friend, actor Ron Ng, were asked to reveal whether the other person is currently in a relationship.

Ron, 43, instantly pointed at Bosco and said: “Yes.” His response caused a commotion among the audience.

Bosco’s expression turned awkward and he pretended that his microphone was faulty, but he did not object to the revelation.

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