China and EU should push relations to ‘a new level with new prospects’, Wang Yi tells European envoys in Beijing

China looks to deepen relations with the European Union and urges bilateral coordination in the face of complicated situations and challenges, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday.

In a meeting with EU diplomatic envoys to China in Beijing, Wang said the two sides should work together to ensure successful summit outcomes and “push China-EU relations to a new level with new prospects”, according to a Chinese foreign ministry readout.

“If China and Europe choose dialogue and cooperation, bloc confrontation will not emerge … if China and Europe choose to be inclusive and win-win, there will be hope for global development and prosperity,” Wang said, adding that China’s policy towards Europe remained stable.


EU foreign policy chief urges Beijing ‘to find common ground’ to tackle trade imbalance with Europe

EU foreign policy chief urges Beijing ‘to find common ground’ to tackle trade imbalance with Europe

The remarks were made ahead of the China-EU summit on Thursday – the first in four years to be held in person – between Premier Li Qiang and President of the European Council Charles Michel and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. The three will also meet Chinese President Xi Jinping the same day.

Li, Michel and von der Leyen would jointly chair the summit, the Chinese foreign ministry said in its statement on Monday.

During the meeting with the envoys, Wang stressed that China and the EU did not have completely the same views on international and regional issues.

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“Only through adhering to communication and coordination can we play a constructive role in maintaining world peace and stability and addressing global challenges,” he said.

The European Council said the focus of the gathering would be the state of EU-China relations and global hotspot issues – including Russia’s war in Ukraine and the Middle East situation – and it would help pursue “constructive and stable EU-China relations”.

The summit comes after several high-level interactions between the EU and Chinese officials in recent months, with Premier Li and Vice-Premier He Lifeng visiting EU countries. The EU’s trade chief Valdis Dombrovskis and the bloc’s top diplomat Josep Borrell, as well as the leaders of several European countries, visited China as part of the exchange.

Last year, China was the third largest recipient of the EU’s exported goods and had the most goods imported into the EU, according to Eurostat. While the EU’s goods exports to China remain largely stable, there has been strong growth in imports from China in recent years.

In June, the bloc reaffirmed its multifaceted approach towards China, limiting its economic dependency by de-risking in critical sectors while cooperating with Beijing on areas of common interest such as climate change and global public health.


UK’s only pandas return to China after 12 years at the Edinburgh zoo

UK’s only pandas return to China after 12 years at the Edinburgh zoo

The probe will decide whether punitive tariffs will be imposed to protect local producers. China is strongly against the move, calling it “a naked protectionist act”.

According to the Chinese statement, the envoys said the EU had no intention of decoupling from China and hoped to build “mutually beneficial and balanced economic and trade relations”.


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