Chinese nationals in Philippine Coast Guard, twin sisters reunite: SCMP’s 7 highlights of the week

A research team in China says it has discovered a potentially fatal flaw in Nasa’s hypersonic aerodynamics software. This small deficiency amid tangled equations could lead to “inevitably erroneous outcomes” when scientists simulate and analyse important issues, such as high-temperature ablation, the team said.

3. Is it time for Hong Kong authorities to take a stake in Cathay Pacific?

Illustration: Lau Ka-kuen

Cathay Pacific Airways CEO Ronald Lam Siu-por found himself in the hot seat when he faced an aggressive panel of Hong Kong lawmakers who criticised the carrier’s “chaotic” management, slow pace of recovery and worsening service. Members of the Legislative Council’s economic development panel did not hold back as they grilled him on a string of recent problems that hit the city’s flag carrier.

4. France, Europe engage with China on their terms, in their own interests: envoy

A year after taking up his appointment as French ambassador to China, Bertrand Lortholary sits down with the Post to share his views on China-France relations – from trade frictions and technology competition to cooperation in global challenges, as well as people-to-people exchanges and the celebrations that will mark 60 years of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

5. How did 36 Chinese nationals join a Philippine Coast Guard auxiliary unit?

A Philippine Coast Guard personnel looks through binoculars while conducting a resupply mission for Filipino troops stationed at a grounded warship in the South China Sea in October 2023. Photo: Reuters

A revelation by the Philippine Coast Guard that its auxiliary unit contains 36 Chinese nationals on its active roster of civilian volunteers has aroused suspicions of spying amid maritime tensions between Manila and Beijing.

6. Professors, students say ‘no’ to Florida as new law targets Chinese

Academics are starting to vote with their feet after Florida enacted a law that makes it harder for public schools in the state to hire Chinese students and collaborate with Chinese institutions.

7. Adopted twin sisters reunited after 30 years are stunned by same life choices

The twins were adopted by different families in eastern China’s Shandong province. Photo: SCMP composite/Baidu/Douyin

Identical twin sisters in China met each other for the first time at the age of 30 and were amazed to discover they share the same hairstyle, fashion sense and have even given their sons the same name. Their story went viral online after the sisters were featured on a Shanghai television programme in March.


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