CNN Study: Americans convinced Biden profited from son’s deals


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A recent CNN study has shed light on the prevailing belief among a majority of Americans that President Joe Biden, during his tenure as vice president under Barack Obama, may have personally profited from his son Hunter’s business dealings with China and Ukraine.

The study indicates that a significant 61% of Americans suspect some level of involvement by President Biden in his son’s business activities in China and Ukraine. Forty-two percent of respondents even go as far as to deem this alleged involvement illegal, while 18% perceive it as unethical but not necessarily unlawful. Only a marginal 1% consider it entirely legitimate, with 38% dismissing any notion of the vice president’s engagement in such affairs.

CNN Study on the Biden deals

Hunter Biden, 53, has been under intense scrutiny, facing investigations spanning from lobbying activities to possible money laundering, and the failure to pay federal taxes amounting to at least $1.4 million. His quick succession into prominent roles in firms like BHR Partners, a Chinese private equity firm, and Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company, has fueled controversy, especially given his father’s diplomatic responsibilities in the Obama administration.

Partisan lines sharply divide opinions on President Biden’s potential involvement, with a stark contrast between Democrats, where only 28% harbor suspicions, and Republicans, where a staggering 90% suspect some form of involvement.

The public sentiment appears to lean towards skepticism regarding President Biden’s conduct concerning the investigations into his son, with 55% perceiving his actions as inappropriate. Moreover, a majority—53%—believes that the President financially benefited from his son’s lucrative overseas ventures.

The timing of the study coincides with a recent development as Special Counsel David Weiss hinted at indicting Hunter Biden for allegedly lying on a gun application form about substance abuse, further intensifying the scrutiny surrounding the Biden family.

Despite the ongoing controversies, when asked about their biggest concerns regarding President Biden’s potential re-election, the majority of respondents—49%– cite his age rather than the issues surrounding his son’s business dealings.

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