'Come on, hit me': Security guard in China clings onto moving car after heated dispute with driver

A security guard in China snagged himself an unwanted free ride after a heated dispute with its driver.

A YouTube video shared by South China Morning Post (SCMP) on Aug 11 first showed the man in a cap approaching a pink Mercedes, whose driver had honked in front of the gate for over a minute.

The pair were seen getting into a heated argument, before the driver suddenly reversed her car which nudged the security guard.

“What’s wrong with you? Why did you hit me?” The man asked, before going to the front of the vehicle to issue his “challenge”.

“Come on, hit me,” he taunted, while gesturing wildly at the driver.

That was when the driver drove into the security guard without warning, with the latter holding onto the car bonnet for dear life.

The driver reportedly gave the security guard a “free ride” for nearly a kilometre on Aug 6, reported Henan China on Aug 8. 

She was later arrested and the man suffered minor arm abrasions. 

SCMP’s video has since garnered 78,000 views.

In the comments, several netizens dubbed the driver as a “Chinese Karen” for her “entitled and childish behaviour”.

“The security guard was doing his job, and for you to hurt him like that is so disgusting as a human being,” one of them said, while another said that the driver is a “problem”.

Other netizens, however, pointed out that the security guard was also in the wrong.

“He stepped right behind her car and kept egging her on, he meant for this to happen,” a netizen said.

“I think the man is also wrong because he was closing the gate before the car was out,” another said.

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