Converse effortlessly in noisy places with the Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus earbuds

Holding conversations with noise in the background can be somewhat annoying, and Sennheiser’s latest innovation, the Conversation Clear Plus, is a rather unique and specialised solution for this problem.

Unlike other Sennheiser audio products engineered for musicality, the Conversation Clear Plus is designed primarily to enhance audibility and clarity of conversation.

These earbuds employ a Sonova chip (Sonova specialises in hearing care) to power its speech enhancement technology. How it works is that the innovative Automatic Scene Detection feature analyses the noise levels in your surroundings and dynamically adjusts the speech enhancement levels to match your environment, be it navigating a busy street or engaging in a face-to-face discussion.

First impressions are rather good as they work as advertised; it is as if only speech is given a boost. And while it might feel a little unnatural, The other party’s voice is clearly more audible.

The Conversation Clear Plus improves things further by integrating Active Noise Cancellation. It mutes distracting sounds in the background to improve clarity, whether you are in a coffee shop or in a crowded street. Much like how regular ANC-enabled headphones work, Ambient Awareness lets in as much noise from the outside environment as you are comfortable with.

Sennheiser says that their independent study shows that 95per cent of users “experienced significant speech enhancement in noisy environments when using the product.”

Much like how most high-tech earbuds are, the companion app is the beating heart of the experience. Our brief hands-on with a pre-release unit was quite positive. It’s easy to set up and you can tweak it much like regular earbuds, so there’s no difficulty in adoption.

By default the app offers three distinct listening scenarios: Relax, Communication, and Streaming. Communication lets you adjust settings for clarity, while Relax enables adjustment of background noise levels and Streaming does something similar for audio content.

And with up to nine hours of battery life and a charging case that adds another 18 hours to your usage time, the Conversation Clear Plus is well-equipped for call-heavy days. It’s priced at $1,299 and is available from the Sennheiser Hearing Webstore and selected retail stores like Amazon Singapore, AV One, Connect IT, Harvey Norman (Millenia Walk) and Jaben.

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