Daily roundup: Hong Kong firm uses violence to motivate lax staff – and other top stories today

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1, ‘Slap your colleague in the face’: Hong Kong firm uses violence to motivate lax staff, draws outrage

Annual dinners can be a great way for employees to let loose, bond with their colleagues and celebrate achievements.

But for one insurance company in Hong Kong, things apparently got out of hand at its annual dinner…  » READ MORE

2. Man sells $1.9m penthouse in Singapore, moves into JB studio apartment for $420 per month


It’s no secret that the cost of living in Singapore is expensive, especially compared to our neighbours in the region.

And perhaps due to proximity and cultural similarities, Malaysia is a popular choice among Singaporeans… » READ MORE

3. Actor Maxi Lim claps back after criticised for treating migrant workers on day out


Are small acts of kindness shared on social media praiseworthy or to be called out for being performative?

Maxi Lim’s audience was of two minds when the local actor shared a video of a day out with four migrant workers… » READ MORE

4. Hong Kong teahouse in Novena took 3-week break to ‘work on faults’ after selling out within 2 hours on opening day


And they’re back.

Hong Kong Day Cha Kee cha chaan teng (teahouse) that is. 

Taking a three-week hiatus shortly after opening is almost unheard of… » READ MORE



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