Daily roundup: Woman bumped by turning car while taking photo on the road gets no sympathy online — and other top stories today

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. ‘Serves her right’: Woman bumped by turning car while taking photo on the road gets no sympathy online

No photo is worth putting one’s life at risk.

A video showing a woman getting bumped by a turning car while she was taking a photo on the road has gone viral… » READ MORE

2. ‘Director, you hate me, you sabotaged me’: Late Coco Lee’s mentees on Sing! China reveal private messages with her in latest Weibo posts

The late Coco Lee’s mentees on Sing! China showed their support for her in separate Weibo posts yesterday (Aug 20) after an audio file of her crying about how she was mistreated and humiliated during its production last year was leaked on Aug 17.

Wang Zepeng, who made it to the competition finals, explained his side of the story in a post on Chinese social media platform Weibo that he only met Coco once for rehearsals before the final filming… » READ MORE

3. ‘Sorry doesn’t cut it’: Woman confronts man who allegedly took a video of her without consent in public

Local actress and theatre practitioner, Shu Yi Ching took to Instagram on Sunday (Aug 20) after she caught a member of public taking photos and videos of her without consent.

She wrote in the video captions: “Posting this here. Because it is important to speak up, it is important to stand my ground, it is important for this to been seen. We need to be heard.”… » READ MORE

4. Tan Kin Lian says Tharman was ‘quite gracious’, assured him the malicious people are not from his team

The fallout from Tan Kin Lian’s “pretty girls” Facebook posts rumbles on.

Even after his nomination as a candidate for this year’s presidential election was confirmed on Tuesday (Aug 22) afternoon, the 75-year-old faced a barrage of questions at a doorstop interview about the claim of a “smear campaign” against him… » READ MORE


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