Diver dies in China aquarium after onlookers 'thought it was a dummy'

Visitors of an aquarium in Henan, China watched a diver drown to his death — all because they mistook him for a dummy.

The diver drowned while cleaning the penguin pool at the Zhengzhou Haichang Ocean Park on Feb 12, reported Yangtze Evening News.

Pictures of the motionless diver floating in the pool while with aquarium visitors looking on were circulating on Chinese social media after the incident. 

Some visitors reportedly tried to inform the aquarium’s staff after watching the sinking diver, but no one responded until it was too late. 

The diver remained underwater for over ten minutes before being rescued by staff workers and he received cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the China Daily reported.

The diver was later transported to a hospital for further treatment, but doctors were unable to save him. 

A statement was issued by the Zhengzhou Haichang Ocean Park on Thursday (Feb 22) confirming the diver’s death. 

The aquarium’s management also assured the public that they have thoroughly investigated the incident and spoken to the family of the deceased diver.

However, some netizens criticised the management for being indifferent towards the death of one of their staff

“Their response is really cold,” wrote one netizen. 

“The diver drowned in front of so many people and was not rescued. The management seems like a mess,” commented another. 

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