E-Junkies: Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes actors share survival strategies if they were stranded in forest

Set in a distant future where humans are no longer the dominant species of apes on the planet, the new movie Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes follows a clan of chimpanzees.

They live in a lush green forest in harmony with nature, hunting alongside eagles that they take from nests as eggs.

If they found themselves transported to such a setting, how would actors Owen Teague — who plays the chimp Noa — and Freya Allan — who plays the human Mae — fare?

AsiaOne asked them in a recent interview what their survival strategy would be, and Freya, 22, humorously responded: “Climb a tree. I’m such a good tree-climber.

“That used to be my thing. That was my forte as a child, being a dog and climbing trees.”

This had Owen saying: “We definitely have to put you in a motion capture suit for the next one. You gotta be a background chimp.”

This had Freya wondering if she should have been the chimp, and while Owen wasn’t about to give up his role, he agreed that they were both “kind of feral”.


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