Electric bicycles: Future of transportation?

Electric bicycles seem to be gaining popularity in cities across the United States. The craze does not seem to be short-term as young and old take to the convenient and relatively cheap method of transportation.

Interestingly, the number of teenagers seeking driver’s licenses has also dropped. Cars are more expensive than ever, and wages aren’t what they used to be post-pandemic. Young people have also become more aware of the environment and keeping pollution at bay.

The electric bicycle has the same features as a pedal bike, but it is a lot easier to use as it has a motor-assisted pedal, giving people ease of travel, especially for uphill or steep climbs. The bicycles can go at 20 mph (32km/h) comfortably, safer than motorcycles and allowing you to see most of the city.

Bicycles workout option

The electric motor allows cyclists to tackle longer distances and explore new routes easily. The motor can be adjusted to suit individual preferences and range from minimal to significant. Some e-bikes have throttles, while others allow the rider to control the motor without pedalling.

The bicycles, therefore, offer a low-impact workout that can be adjusted as your fitness level improves and tailored to how much effort you want to put in on a specific day.

Other benefits of this wonderful machine include free parking, low entry cost, zero maintenance cost, and quite simply turning commutes into joy rides.

Price point-wise, a good e-bike can be purchased for less than $1,000.

City laws

As the popularity of e-bikes grows, cities around the country are looking for ways to regulate and manage the usage of this mode of transportation.

In California, a new bill is proposed to create a rider’s license to address road safety concerns.

Reduced traffic

According to research, a 10% shift from car drivers to bike riders has resulted in a 40% reduction in traffic congestion.

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