Epic eats: Zermatt Neo tackles 30 servings of chicken rice on a massive 1.2-metre plate

How many plates of chicken rice can one conquer in a single sitting?

Well, competitive eater Zermatt Neo answers this question definitively in his latest YouTube video posted on Sunday (Dec 3).

In celebration of Queenstown’s 70th birthday, Zermatt Neo took on the challenge of consuming 30 servings of chicken at the inaugural ceremony of Queenstown HawkerFest 2023.

The gargantuan plate, generously presented by Tong Fong Fatt Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice from ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre, measured an impressive 1.2 meters.

The dish featured a mountain of rice surrounded by the usual fixings of poached chicken, cucumbers, a bowl of soup and the iconic trio of sauces: chili, dark soy sauce and ginger.

With an eager audience in attendance, Zermatt dove straight in, going for the chicken with his bare hands.

Despite encountering hiccups midway, he persevered, relishing spoonfuls of the flavourful rice.

As the challenge neared its end, Zermatt remarked to the hosts: “It’s good chicken rice!”

Unsurprisingly, Zermatt successfully polished off the entire plate, earning commendation and a certificate from Member of Parliament of Tanjong Pagar GRC Eric Chua.

How does he stay in shape?

Before embarking on the epic chicken rice feast, Zermatt had a brief interview with the festival’s hosts.

They asked how he manages to stay in shape despite his monumental food intake.

“A lot of heavy dieting and a lot of cardio in between shoots,” he replied, even offering a glimpse of his abs to the audience as proof.

When asked if his lifestyle takes a toll on his body, Zermatt assured that his doctor not only approves of it but also noted he is healthier than 90% of the locals.

However, he emphasised that such eating habits aren’t a daily occurrence and he fasts 24 hours before and after a food challenge.

Addressing a common curiosity, Zermatt answered the question about the size of his bowel movements post-eating.

“People always assume that after I eat, the output is very big, but it’s usually not the case. It’s the frequency.”

He also shared that his entry into competitive eating was sparked by a dare to join an eating contest. “I thought it was fun, and that’s how I came about doing it,” he added.


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