Grab Malaysia to introduce new fares, payout rates citing lack of drivers during peak hours

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 18 — Grab Malaysia today announced that it will be revising its fares to be based more on the time it takes to complete a ride and less on the distance of the ride, which it said would give fairer compensation to their “driver-partners”.

In a statement today, the technology giant said that the revision was part of its efforts to address a lower availability of Grab drivers during heavy traffic or congestion.

“Over the past year, we have observed that traffic jams have increased.

“This increases the cost (in time and fuel) to serve each ride, while simultaneously reducing the effective capacity of driver-partners to serve more rides,” read the statement.

Grab Malaysia said that there will also be an addition of new incentives for drivers, including a “far pick up bonus” and hourly cashbacks.

“We have taken great consideration to ensure that average ride fares remain largely unchanged with some minor increase and decrease across rides throughout the day,” it added.


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