Hong Kong told to brace itself for big temperature swings over next few days

Hong Kong was warned to brace itself for a rapid swing in temperatures over the next few days with a difference of 12 degrees Celsius (21.6 degrees Fahrenheit) which the city’s Observatory said on Sunday was because of a monsoon predicted to arrive in the later part of the week.

The Observatory’s nine-day weather forecast said temperatures were expected to fall to a minimum of 14 degrees on Saturday before jumping to a maximum of 26 degrees on March 5.

“A fresh to strong northeast monsoon will bring cool weather to the coast of Guangdong in the next couple of days,” forecasters said.

“A replenishment of the monsoon is expected to reach the coast of southern China in the latter part of this week. Temperatures will fall over the region.”

Warmer clothes will be back out of the closet as forecasters say temperatures will drop in the next few days. Photo: Sam Tsang

The Observatory recorded an air temperature of 18 degrees and relative humidity of 65 per cent on Sunday at 7pm.

The temperature readings in the northern town of Ta Kwu Ling and at the Ho Koon Nature Education Cum Astronomical Centre in Tsuen Wan were up to 2 degrees lower.

The Observatory said the monsoon was expected to strengthen from Monday and would bring patchy light showers to the city.

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“Temperatures will rise on Thursday, but it will become cool again towards the weekend,” the service added.

China’s National Meteorological Centre said cloudy, rainy or snowy conditions would persist in most parts south of the Yangtze River.

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Guangdong province has been affected by a cold front that brought sudden chills. Some areas such as the Leizhou Peninsula and the eastern Pearl River Delta have seen the mercury drop from a maximum of 30 degrees to zero over several days.

Temperatures hit 26 degrees in the provincial capital Guangzhou last Thursday, but plunged to just 12 degrees the day after.


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