How NTK Academic Group prepares students for exam success

NTK’s teachers, many of whom have advanced degrees from renowned universities like Oxford, Cambridge and the Ivy League, are among the best in their fields. This ensures that students receive high-quality instruction and support from a knowledgeable and experienced team.

A wide range of subjects is on offer, not just for the IBDP curriculum, but also for the IGCSE, GCE A-Levels and the standardised university admissions tests often required of candidates applying from international schools and boarding schools. 

As a result, NTK has helped more than 80 students achieve full scores (a total of 45 marks) in the IBDP over the past three years, with a further 200 getting a 7 in various subjects. 

Dr. Wade Ling (left) and Dr. Linus Chan from NTK Language Teams, who are familiar with the new exam syllabus and marking scheme.

“Whether for group courses using proprietary materials developed by IBDP experts or for tailor-made private lessons, our teachers have a wealth of resources to make sure they are effective,” Dr Wade Ling, Vice Principal (Chinese) says. “They receive regular briefings and training to ensure they are always up to date with changes in the curriculum. And we have education service officers who communicate directly with students and parents to understand their needs.” 

“Many students come to NTK for support in multiple subjects because they usually require help in more than one area,” Dr. Ling says. “We provide comprehensive progress updates in each subject, help to identify areas where they may need additional support, and offer insights into their overall academic performance.”

If a new student has previously struggled in any particular subject, the first step may be a diagnostic assessment to gauge how things stand. Once that is done, it is easier to pinpoint and address the main challenges. 

Effective Study Tips and Techniques for IBDP

Along the way, NTK’s professional educators make a point of covering the curriculum, but also pass on useful study tips and handy techniques to remember when the time comes to sit exams.

IBDP English 

For instance, the IBDP English Paper 1 requires students to write analytical commentaries on previously unseen non-literary texts. The written response requires not only in-depth explanations of various literary, stylistic and structural devices, but also a lucid evaluation of the contexts of production, such as text type and purpose, alongside contexts of reception, which capitalises on how the target audience reacts to the non-literary text. 

“All linguistic and stylistic features need to be evaluated based on authorial choice and its subsequent impact on the reader,” says Dr Linus Chan, Academic Head (English and Humanities). 

Similarly, in order to succeed in IBDP English Paper 2, which calls for a comparative analytical essay on two previously studied literary texts, students must carefully compare and contrast characters, conflicts, themes, symbols, motifs, allegories, and conventions.

IBDP Chinese 

The Chinese Language paper also places strong emphasis on essay writing skills, such as structure planning, argumentative devices, and common expressions, sentence structures and vocabulary used in commentaries.

Students would also be reminded about the need for careful question selection and the value of looking over high-scoring past papers to get a good feel for recent trends and what the examiners want to see. 

NTK Professional Educators, from left, Mr. Jimmy Chan, Mr. Derek Yim, Dr. Linus Chan and Dr. Wade Ling.

IBDP Science Subjects and Economics

“The new syllabi for IBDP physics, biology and chemistry are set to commence in the fall, so students must be prepared for more demanding curricula,” says Jimmy Chan, Academic Co-head (Mathematics, Science and Economics). “They will have to demonstrate knowledge of concepts including quantum physics and neural signalling, besides evaluating empirical data, patterns and predictions that necessitate the use of specific skills, techniques and methodologies.” 

New challenges can also be expected in future IBDP economics papers which will require precision and careful time management. Candidates must provide evidence to support their arguments and make sure to avoid common mistakes, Chan notes. 

NTK Mathematics and Science Team, Mr. Derek Yim (left) and Mr. Jimmy Chan.

IBDP Mathematics

“For instance, if you’re a student preparing for the IBDP mathematics exam, it’s important to use your graphic display calculator properly in the calculator-allowed sections,” says Derek Yim, Academic Co-head (Mathematics, Science and Economics). “While you may be able to solve some questions algebraically, it will take longer and be riskier.” 

Based on their methods, insights and expertise, there is no doubt that the teachers at NTK Academic Group have everything needed to help future generations of students achieve success in crucial exams in the years ahead. 

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