'I couldn’t continue like this, it was very unhealthy': Tracy Lee sent messages to dead husband's phone number for 8 months

Terence Cao and his e-commerce platform Sibay Shiok have joined forces with Jack Neo to create Star Live, a sales livestreaming venture that brings together 15 current and former TV stars.

The lineup includes Malaysian-born former Mediacorp actress Tracy Lee, who has been largely out of the spotlight following her husband Ben Goi’s death in February 2019.

Goi, the son of Singapore’s ‘Popiah King’ Sam Goi, died from a hemorrhagic stroke at the age of 43, just days before their son Ben Junior’s first birthday.

They got married in 2017.

Tracy, 38, shared about the aftermath of Goi’s death in an interview with Lianhe Zaobao published on Tuesday (Nov 28), reportedly unable to hold back her tears.

She revealed that she sent messages about their son and her daily life to his phone number for up to eight months following his death, missing him particularly late at night.

“It was a little habit from when we were together,” she said. “I continued to do that after he died, sending voice messages and videos to his phone number. I thought I was a logical person, and later I realised that I really couldn’t continue like this, it was very unhealthy.

“I had to reconcile with myself.”

She admitted that she still felt that she was fated to be with Goi, but that she had to start a new chapter of life without him.

When it came to the possibility of entering a new relationship, she said: “I can’t give a definite answer, you can’t predict fate. I can’t say that I don’t have that on my mind right now, but my schedule is already full with my career and my son, so I probably don’t have time right now, haha.”


Gushing about her son, Tracy declared that he is “more handsome than his father” and that he makes her want to be “a better person and hopefully be a role model for him”.

She also revealed that her son has inherited Goi’s genes and his body constitution is relatively weaker, prompting her to learn more about nutrition for his health and subsequently share it with her social media followers.

She is a shop consultant on ecommerce platform Shop.com, selling mainly health and nutrition products. She also runs Mommy Lee Bakery and domestic helper agency My Employment Agency.

“I love to talk, I love to share what I know, and then I learned nutrition for my son and slowly started a career,” she said. “Now I have joined the Star Live celebrity live broadcast platform to combine my interest and career. It’s also an unexpected arrangement.”

Star Live also includes Sibay Shiok’s Dawn Yeoh, Collin Chee, Jason Oh and Peter Yu, as well as Tang Miaoling, Henry Thia, Vincent Ng, Angela Ang, Yes933 DJ Yutaki Ong, social media influencers Nicole Chang Min and Simonboy and entrepreneur Tommy Wong.




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