'I don't want to disillusion fans': Edmund Chen on why he hasn't returned to acting

Edmund Chen’s accomplishments may have uplifted him in the past, but now they weigh on his person.

Edmund explained in an interview with Shin Min Daily News that his non-commitment towards showbiz stems from public perception of him.

“The reason why shows I acted in many years ago are still remembered now is because the scripts were good,” the 62-year-old actor-turned-artist said.

“If I do return to showbiz, I don’t want to disillusion fans and destroy the image that was created of me in the past.”

While he has expressed his doubts, Edmund also told reporters: “[My return] is absolutely possible. As long as there is a good script and good production, I’d be happy to participate in any performance!”

Prior to taking a step back from the entertainment industry, Edmund starred in many popular local dramas including Airforce (1988), Patrol (1989), Star Maiden (1994) and Zero To Hero (2005).

He even found footing overseas and acted in the Hong Kong film Turn Left, Turn Right (2003) alongside Takeshi Kaneshiro and Gigi Leung, and also in the American movie Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-li (2008).

Not out of the running

While Edmund may be difficult to find in front of cameras now, he recently piqued the interest of his China audience when he republished one of his picture books, Little Otters to the Rescue, on the 10th anniversary of its publication with a hardcover version.


This story was picked up by Chinese news media People’s Daily, Tencent, China Central Television and Sohu, Shin Min reported.

Edmund, who created a Xiaohongshu account this year, also shared: “Although I’ve not acted for [so many years] now, the Chinese audience can still remember me… when I read their messages, I feel warmth in my heart and am very touched.”

In particular, Fu Chen (1989), Finishing Line (1990) and Fiery Passion (1991) were very popular among his Chinese audiences, the Chinese evening daily wrote.

Edmund also recalled an anecdote where he was invited to an event in China, and fans hummed the theme song from Fiery Passion in front of him, causing him to break out into a smile.

‘He pooped in my hand’

During the interview, Edmund also shared a wish he has. 

When the Sichuan earthquake struck in 2008, Edmund had gone down to the location to provide assistance for about a week.

“I picked up a baby in the disaster-struck region and he pooped in my hand,” Edmund reminisced.


The baby should be about 17 or 18 years of age now, and Edmund hopes that he’ll be able to contact him again.

He said: “Now that the internet is so developed, is it possible to find the children I met in the disaster area again?”

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