I try Fann Wong's $75 Mother's Day-exclusive flourless chocolate cake. Is it worth the price?

May 12 is soon upon us and children, young and old, are likely to be scrambling around for a Mother’s Day gift.

If you’re still left scratching your head at what to do or buy, Fanntasy might be the solution.

The online dessert shop by local actress Fann Wong is set to release its Triple Chocolate Cheesecake ($68) and Flourless Dark Chocolate Bliss ($75) specially for the occasion.

These new handcrafted cakes are looking to sweeten up your Mother’s Day celebration and AsiaOne had the opportunity to try the Flourless Dark Chocolate Bliss.

What immediately caught my eye is the manner in which this cake was described.

Fanntasy openly called it a “guilt-free” cake that “mums can savour happily without worry”.

I don’t know about you but guilt-free and cakes are two words I would not usually park next to each other.

The flourless nature of this dessert item also piqued my interest. It’s not a particularly common sight in bakeries and cake shops.

For the uninitiated, a flourless chocolate cake is a dense cake typically made from an aerated chocolate custard. Do note that this product contains gluten.

First bites

In all honesty, I’m not particularly sure if I’ve ever had a spoon of flourless chocolate cake myself.

So I took this as a new experience and was immediately taken aback by just how dense the cake was.

Let me be clear, this isn’t something that’s particular ‘good’ or bad’, just an observation.

“Wow, they weren’t kidding about the density of the cake,” I chuckled to myself.

Being a sucker for dark chocolate, it was no surprise that I really enjoyed the dark chocolate crémeux.

The word translates to ‘creamy’ from French, and its luscious nature is decadence personified.

While I knew that the cake would not contain any flour, I did not expect it to have a number of hidden layers— in the form of the tangy raspberry confit and velvety pistachio puree.

Only when I cut myself a slice did I catch a quick cross-section of the cake.

Not only was it a sight to behold but the different layers complemented each other so well.

I felt this elevated the dessert, with the pistachio puree bringing a new texture while the different layers brought a number of flavour profiles, providing depth to the dessert.

In that sense, it’s something of an adult dessert. If you have a sweet tooth, this cake may not be to your liking as the dark chocolate’s bitter-sweet notes come through.

What I appreciate is how the intensity of the chocolate holds its own without being too overwhelming.

One thing to note is that it might be best to have this cake closer to room temperature, from my experience at least.

Having been in the refrigerator meant the cake kept its dense structure for quite some time and only later did I manage to experience the full velvety texture of the dessert Fanntasy might have intended.

Steep price?

The big obstacle here is price.

You can easily find another cake for under $75 but having had a slice (or two), I’ve come to understand why this cake is priced as such.

Would I pay such an amount for a whole cake? That’s one for me to sit on.

What I can say is that Fanntasy’s Flourless Dark Chocolate Bliss is definitely not your run-of-the-mill chocolate cake.

It is carefully crafted for all dessert lovers, whether you’re a chocolate purist or someone who’s looking for a flourless dessert option.

Fanntasy is set to release this cake, alongside the Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, on its official website from April 20 onwards at 9.05am.

All cakes are available while stocks last and can be pre-ordered for Mother’s Day.

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