'Isn't it a sensitive topic between strangers?' Malaysian PHV driver requested to donate breast milk by passenger

When in a private hire vehicle (PHV) or taxi, a conversation between the driver and passenger can sometimes help to lift moods and make the travelling time pass faster.

However, a female PHV driver in Johor had one of the strangest conversations with her passenger, who requested for her to donate her breast milk “on the spot”.

According to a report by Malaysian publication China Press yesterday (May 24), the driver took to TikTok to share her experience.

She recounted that she picked up the woman and they began a conversation, where the latter remarked that it’s rare to see a female PHV driver.

“I was chatting normally with her when she asked if I have children and what milk formula they drink. I said they would drink both, sometimes milk formula and other times breast milk,” the driver said.

The woman also asked the driver how often she would pump her breast milk and how she did it.

It was then that the conversation started to get really uncomfortable.

“What scared me was that she suddenly asked me to donate freshly pumped breast milk and I was shocked when I heard it. I’ve heard of nursing mothers who do that for other people’s babies, but that is usually done between people who know each other.

“But we don’t know each other and she asked for it on the spot. It felt like she wanted me to do it immediately in the car and give it to her. There are actually people who make such requests,” the driver expressed, adding that she was speechless.


She rejected the woman by telling her that it wasn’t time for her to express the milk yet, but the woman wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“She said it’s okay, she can wait.”

The driver also thought: “This milk is for my son. Isn’t this a sensitive topic between strangers?”

She added that she tried to calm herself down and ended their conversation. After the woman alighted at her destination, the driver locked her car doors immediately and drove off.

In Singapore, some drivers had their own fair share of unruly passengers.

On May 5, Tada driver Charlene Lin took to Facebook group Professional PHV Drivers Singapore to share her experience with a passenger who insisted that a child seat is not needed for her toddler, adding “there’s no such thing as a child seat“.

The passenger eventually cancelled the ride, claiming that she would book the correct vehicle.

Mothers in Singapore who are in need of breast milk can approach KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital for the Temasek Foundation Community Milk Bank Programme.

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