‘Kaaba’ mats are mini prayer rugs, says Aeon BiG

Mats from an Aeon BiG supermarket in Batu Pahat were mislabelled as floor mats, the company said. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: The mats bearing the images of the Kaaba which were seized by religious officials are actually mini prayer rugs and not floor mats, says supermarket chain Aeon BiG Sdn Bhd.

The mats bearing the images of the Kaaba.

In a statement, the company said mislabelling of the product on the shelves had led to confusion. The company said it was informed of a misunderstanding concerning the matter after certain people thought the products were door mats.

“Our supplier, A&R Fashion Collection, has confirmed that the product is actually a mini prayer mat,” it said.

Aeon BiG said its supplier used an item code previously used for other products, resulting in the product label carrying several descriptions and causing confusion.

“This matter was immediately rectified in Aeon BiG’s stock management system and the product description now shows ‘prayer mat’,” the company said. It hopes its statement would clear up any doubts or speculation on the issue.

Aeon BiG’s statement came after the Johor Islamic religious department said it had seized 11 mats from a supermarket in Batu Pahat a day before Aidilfitri, following public complaints. The mats, bearing the images of the Kaaba, were purportedly floor mats.

Aeon BiG said its supplier A&R Fashion is a 100% Bumiputera-Muslim-owned small and medium-sized enterprise that supplies shariah compliant Muslim wear and products, including prayer rugs, carpets and mats.

It said A&R, which was established in 2007 and supplied products to the supermarket since 2015, also serves other retailers and has its own shops.

“Aeon BiG and A&R will continue to extend our full cooperation with the Johor Islamic religious department and the relevant authorities should there be any further information required,” the company said.


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