Lucky dog in China bites lottery card, scores win

As the saying goes, every dog has its day – and one golden retriever in China is certainly getting its moment in the sun after its mischief bagged its owner not one, but two lottery wins.

The pet owner, surnamed Lin, told Chinese media that she had taken her dog out with her on a shopping trip in Guangdong last Thursday (Feb 15).

She was buying items at a convenience store when the dog broke free from its leash and darted into a lottery shop next door.

When Lin caught up with her golden retriever, she discovered it had bitten one of the lottery tickets placed on the table. Due to the dog’s teeth marks on the scratch card, the woman had no choice but to buy the ticket.

But her gloom quickly turned into glee when Lin unexpectedly scooped 1,000 yuan (S$190) in the lottery.

“I was so surprised,” she recounted. “I’ve never won such a large sum of money in a lottery.”

The next day, Lin took her golden retriever to pick another lottery ticket and ended up winning 30 yuan (S$5.70).

But she did not try their luck again, adding that she used the prize money to purchase treats and canned food for her pet.

Netizens congratulated Lin on her win, deeming her pet as a “fortune dog”.

“It turns out that the distance between me and the prize is only one dog,” jested a netizen.

Wrote another: “I don’t know if I should buy a lottery ticket or a golden retriever.”

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