Malaysian Economy Minister tickles netizens with tongue-in-cheek account of 'burglary' at his home

When Malaysian Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli returned home from the Hari Raya holidays, he found his kitchen counter in a mess and plant debris strewn all over.

But the 46-year-old politician soon found out who the culprits were and took to Facebook on Thursday (Apr 11) to give a tongue-in-cheek account of his ‘investigations’, accompanied by ‘incriminating’ photos.

Rafizi wrote in Malay in his post, titled ‘Case of Housebreaking During Holidays’: “The 10 suspects who were identified were found to have ransacked the kitchen and vented their anger on a plastic plant on the cabinet.”

One of the photos showed the ‘crime scene’ — the kitchen counter and floor were littered with debris which looked like artificial moss that came from the potted plant on the counter.

The culprits? His 10 feline furkids.

Sharing images of the cats in his home gym and on the stairs, Rafizi said: “Several suspects tried to escape to the upper floor of the house and even tried to make off with the owner’s exercise equipment, but were unsuccessful.

“The last suspect was nabbed trying to hide among the potted plant.”

Rafizi added that he believed the mess made by his cats had stemmed from their unhappiness at being left behind while he and his family went away for the holidays. 

The minister’s post has garnered some 7,000 likes and 2,000 comments, with netizens amused by the ‘cat burglary’.

One wrote: “The minister is funny.”

“Thank you for entertaining us,” another said. 

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