Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan’s blooper scene goes viral, winning over fans

KUALA LUMPUR, Mar 27 — A viral tweet of a funny blooper from Everything Everywhere All at Once is proving that fans can’t get enough of Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh, two weeks after her historic Oscar win.

The 10-second clip has been seen 8.9 million times and received more than 260,000 likes since it was posted on March 20 by a Twitter user.

The clip shows a scene where Yeoh’s character, Evelyn Wang, and her husband, actor Ke Huy Quan’s character Waymond Wong, were at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) office.

In the scene, Quan turns around and says to Yeoh, “Michelle, sing a song for her!”, having mistakenly called her real name, instead of her character’s.

Breaking character and bursting into laughter, Yeoh then asked Quan: “Did you just call me Michelle?” before a frustrated Quan slapped himself on the head and cheeks and also started laughing.

Then someone (whose face isn’t visible) says to Michelle: “When he says Michelle, you say Yeoh!”

Yeoh joins in at “Yeoh!”, laughing even harder at the pun on her surname.

The cameraman also got in the action by moving his camera from side to side.

Many people were amused by how cute the actors were when interacting with each other, even though Quan had messed up his line.

“I can’t stop watching this video, they’re so cute and funny, love them so much!” one Twitter user wrote.

Other users said that the duo clearly had chemistry and hoped that they will do more work together in the future.

“They look like they had a great time, happy for them,” said another user.


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