No joke: Woman riding electric suitcase zooms down busy Shanghai street

There are many ways to commute to work — by bus, train, car or on foot. 

But a woman in China recently used an unusual mode of transport. 

The unidentified woman was seen riding an electric suitcase down a busy street in Shanghai on Nov 23, SCMP reported.

She was crossing an intersection when the traffic police stopped her.

A video clip filmed by a passer-by showed two traffic police officers questioning a woman sitting on her electric suitcase.

She tried convincing the police officers that travelling via the electric suitcase was the best way for her to get to work, The Paper reported.

Stressing that her actions posed a safety risk for all road users, the officers told the woman that using e-luggage on the road was illegal.

The woman retorted: “Are you going to send me to work everyday?”

The officers then reprimanded the woman and proceeded to fine her.

According to the road safety regulations in China, electric suitcases are banned on the road because they are neither vehicles nor non-motorised vehicles, such as bicycles.

Police added that the e-luggages are only allowed to be used indoors and on private roads in residential areas.

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