No joke: Woman wraps cushion cover around legs as she skirts around Malaysia's dress code

A woman in Malaysia has gone viral for her clever approach to enter a police station after she was turned away for not adhering to the dress code.

Taking to Facebook on Monday (Aug 14), the woman explained that she had worn a knee-length dress to a police station in Perak but was denied entry as her dress was too short.

As it was raining heavily, she was unwilling to head home to change her attire and make yet another trip to the police station.

Determined to gain access to the building, she quickly ran to her car to create a makeshift skirt by tying a car seat cushion to her dress, successfully covering her lower legs.

The officers were evidently amused by her quick thinking and waved her into the station, where everyone present laughed, she wrote.

Taking the situation in stride, she jokingly wondered if her makeshift skirt would qualify for a ‘most creative outfit of the year’ award.

Netizens were tickled by her creativity and teased that she could join the fashion industry.

“This is how fashion designers create new designs,” a commenter remarked.

However, some were critical of the strict dress code imposed by the police station.

Another netizen questioned: “If a woman gets robbed, does it mean she has to go home and change into long pants before making a police report?”

This is not the first time the strict dress codes of some Malaysia’s government offices has come under scrutiny.

Back in June, a woman was stopped by a security guard from entering the Social Security Organisation (Socso) government agency because of her knee-length skirt.

She was allowed entry only after her colleague persisted in knowing about the issue with her skirt and was told not to repeat the same mistake in the future.

In response to the incident, Socso’s state director, Mustafa Deraman told the New Straits Times then that there is no specific dress code for customers, but there are signages advising customers to dress appropriately.

Singlets, mini pants or short skirts, for example, are not allowed in the building. 

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