Parang-wielding man in Ipoh attempts to rob house, flees after family chases him

One robber thought he had found an easy target, but quickly abandoned his plan upon coming face to face with several angry family members.

The attempted armed robbery occurred at a house in Ipoh, Malaysia, at around 11.50pm last Sunday (May 19).

CCTV footage of the incident circulating on Facebook showed a shirtless man standing outside the home when a white car stops outside.

The vehicle idles for about 20 seconds, before a masked man steps out.

The shirtless man then approaches the stranger, only to get a shock when the latter brandished a parang and started chasing him.

Seconds later, however, the masked man can be seen backtracking and turning back. He then sprints back to the white car.

The reason behind his cold feet becomes apparent when several men dash out of the house.

Two start hitting the vehicle with objects and the robber makes a quick getaway just as another woman rushes out and joins in the chase.

One of the men, who is holding what appears to be a parang, subsequently runs back to the house to give chase on a motorbike.

Unfortunately, the family was unable to catch the robber.

The clip of the attempted robbery has gone viral and been played two million times after it was reposted on several Facebook pages.

The Ipoh district police chief told Malaysian publication Sin Chew Daily that the police are investigating the incident and tracking down the whereabouts of the suspect.

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