Porsche-driving ‘gangster’ abuses bus driver, gets busted for drugs after video goes viral

People who drive Porsches and claim to be triad members are probably used to getting away with acting like assholes. But one of the good things about the modern age is that acts of intimidation are rarely a match for the power of social media.

A video recently went viral in Hong Kong showing a man verbally and physically abusing a minibus driver in an apparent road rage incident.

While it’s not clear what sparked the confrontation, the video shows the man’s Porsche stopped directly in front of the minibus after having cut it off. The man angrily yells profanities at the bus driver, brandishes a stick at him and knocks the driver’s glasses off at one point. He also claims to be a triad member, which is an illegal act in and of itself in Hong Kong

Passengers on the bus can be heard supporting the driver and saying they would call the police on the Porsche driver, who eventually backs off and returns to his car.

The incident reportedly took place on Jan 6 in Cheung Sha Wan, a district of Kowloon.

After videos of the incident spread on social media, police tracked the man down and arrested him on Jan. 11. In a Facebook post, the Hong Kong Police said the man had been charged with one count of “criminal intimidation”, one count of “claiming to be a triad member”, one count of “driving without a licence” and two counts of “drug trafficking”. He was reportedly found with 1.7 kg of cocaine.

The post said the man appeared in court on Saturday and would remain in custody until Mar. 10 for his next court hearing.

Part of the reason the videos gained so much attention is that the minibus driver involved in the incident, a 36-year-old surnamed Li, is famous for being “Hong Kong’s most well-educated bus driver”. He holds a Master’s degree in transport policy and quit his well-paying job as an engineer to found his own minibus company, which he also works for as a driver.


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