Redfall story trailer highlights what's at stake in war against vampires

The vampires are out to play, and if you have anything to say about it, Bethesda and Arkane Austin’s upcoming co-op shooter, Redfall, will give you all the tools needed to turn the bloodsuckers into dust.

In its latest story trailer, we finally learn more about the events that led to the vampire apocalypse in Redfall, and it is certainly not looking good for us humans.

Hearing from the enigmatic individual known as Ava, her blood was supposed to usher in an era free of sickness and death. Unfortunately, things never turn out that well, and the scientists at Aevum HQ unleash a storm that is tinged with blood.

With bloodthirsty vampires taking over the town of Redfall, it doesn’t take long for a society to be built and the monsters taking charge. Naturally, power struggles are part of the game, and we get to see some of these stronger vampires that will likely be bosses in Redfall in the trailer.

The motley crew includes The Hollow Man, a winged vampire with distinct organs; Bloody Tom, a vampire that never missed a gym day; Miss Whisper, who is in tune with nature; and the Black Sun, who possesses the general aura of being the most powerful one of them all. Beings created by science, and likely to be taken down by you and your friends.


This is the crux of the co-op action in Redfall, and as the trailer suggests, there is quite a number of ways in which teams can take on the bloodsuckers in creative ways. With support for cross-play across Xbox Series X|S and PC, the hope is that there will always be hunters looking to take on the fight to save the city.

Redfall arrives exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 2. Pre-order now or play with Game Pass for exclusive content.

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