Singaporean car driver caught filling up RON95 fuel in JB; insists he can because he’s Malaysian

SINGAPORE: In a video uploaded to the social media pages of SG Road Vigilante, a woman was heard confronting a man who was filling up his car with RON 95 petrol in Johor Bahru.

“Cannot. Cannot,” she says sternly while the man argues that he’s Malaysian. “No, doesn’t matter if you’re Malaysian or what; you’re using (a) Singapore car.”

“If you are Malaysian, you should know, right?” the woman adds. “You cannot fill up the petrol using Singapore car.”

The man continues to insist, however, that he was allowed to do this in Malacca.

But the woman again says, “Cannot.”

It appears, however, that the man had already finished filling his car with fuel and, by the end of the video clip, prepared to leave.

The video, which was posted on SG Road Vigilante’s YouTube and Facebook pages on Mar 25 (Saturday), has been viewed thousands of times and is captioned with the following:

#SMC2276M honda odyssey

driver claimed he is a malaysian & entitled to subsidize ron 95

ron95 (2.05rm) is heavily subsided hence its only for malaysia registered vehicles

foreign vehicles are required to use ron 97(3.35rm).”

In Malaysia, any vehicle with a foreign registration plate is not allowed to be filled with the subsidized RON 95 fuel, and drivers may use RON 97 instead.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Malaysian – where the vehicle is registered is the focus, not the individual. The purchase of diesel foreign-registered vehicles also has an attached rule as they are limited to 20 litres per day at petrol stations within 25 km of the Malaysia-Singapore border gate,” reads an article on

On SGRV’s Facebook page, the driver of the Honda Odyssey was slammed for being a cheapskate.

Other commenters commended the woman for laying down the law.




Former M’sian PM Najib unhappy S’pore cars pumping cheap RON95 petrol, Msia to halt selling subsidised petrol to foreigners

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