Singaporean couple takes 4-year-old son on 2-year trip around the world: 'We promised to bring him on an adventure'

When avid travellers Rakcent Wong, 35, and Carol Tan, 36, got married in 2016, friends and family told them it was time they settled down to build a home together.

Instead, they took an epic road trip biking across Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, camping in sub-zero temperatures in Iceland and the vast Western Sahara in Egypt.

When Carol fell pregnant, families and friends again told them that their travelling days were over.

They took things to the other extreme by planning a two-year-long family trip of a lifetime with their yet-unborn son.

In fact, it’s the reason they named him Atlas, or “a bundle of maps”, according to Rakcent.

The family of three set off on their journey a year earlier than intended on Jan 17, 2024.

On the Instagram account Engaging Atlas documenting their travels, they posted a video sharing a “promise/secret” they’d kept for five years.


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