Stale bread and eye-rolling: Diner complains about food and stall owner's alleged attitude; Koufu says they will investigate

Nothing ruins a meal more than bad service. 

And for one woman, this experience was made worse as she allegedly had missing food items too. 

In a Facebook post on Friday (Nov 24), Celeste Neo shared that she had ordered food from a Vietnamese stall situated in Koufu at Singapore General Hospital (SGH). 

After placing her order on the app, Neo said she alerted the staff. 

But in response, the staff, who Neo claimed was “playing with her phone”, allegedly rolled her eyes. 

Where is the salad and sauce? 

Neo had gotten option number 9 on the menu — Vietnamese bread with pork meatballs in tomato sauce. 

But according to Neo, her food came looking completely different from what was reflected in the display photos, which showed bread, meatballs with a tomato gravy and a side of salad. 

In reality, all she got were a few pieces of bread and a single meatball with no sauce, she claimed. She also did not receive her salad. 

Neo said she then went back to the stall and asked the staff if she could have some sauce with her meatballs. 

But all the staff did was “wave her off”, as if to say “it’s like that”, recounted Neo.

To make matters worse, the bread was apparently “stale”. 

“Very annoyed. Eat at your own risk,” concluded Neo in her post.

In the comments section, several netizens expressed their shock over the staff’s alleged poor attitude and the food quality. 

One said that if they were in Neo’s shoes, they would have returned the food without paying. 

Another pointed out that these days, what is usually reflected on the stall’s signboard does not usually match what is actually served. 

Koufu themselves also commented on Neo’s post and said they are looking into the matter. 

“We are investigating this incident and [are] trying to reach out to the customer,” Koufu said, adding that they will work with the stall owner to ensure such an incident “will not happen again”. 

AsiaOne has reached out to both Neo and Koufu for more details. 

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