Texas pastor claims he went to hell and heard Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ being used to torment sinners (VIDEO)

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 27 — Pop star Rihanna’s music is enjoyed by many people all over the world, but apparently it’s also a favourite among the demons in hell.

A Texas pastor shared a TikTok video claiming that he had seen demons in hell using Rihanna’s 2007 hit Umbrella and other popular songs to torture souls in the underworld.

@geraldajohnson1 My experience when I saw hell in February 2016. I’ll never be the same after that. #hell #jesus #unforgiveness #forgive #godsaid #encouragement #geraldajohnson #jesuslovesyou #moveforward original sound – Gerald Johnson

Pastor Gerald Johnson, the leader of the Gerald A. Johnson Ministries in Austin, Texas claimed he went to the abyss in 2016 during a heart attack.

What he saw during his fiery visit ‘blew him away’ and he would not wish it even on his worst enemy.

“I thought I was going upward, because I thought that I had done so much good in this lifetime and helped so many people and made so many decisions that were Godly decisions,” he said.

Upon allegedly entering Hell, he saw a burning man on all fours being dog-walked by a demon singing the lyrics of Rihanna’s Umbrella to torment him.

“While up here, you can listen to music to get over a breakup like Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry Be Happy or Umbrella, but down there every lyric to every song is to torment you,” Johnson added.

Johnson claimed lyrics in popular songs are written by artists who allow demons to convey messages to ‘do drugs and explore their craft’.

“Every lyric to every song is to torment you as to the fact that you didn’t worship God through music when you were on the Earth,” the pastor said.

“You had a chance to worship him in church and at home and through music, but you chose to worship Satan by repeating the lyrics that he inspired to come into the earth.”

Johnson concluded his video by claiming that God had sent him to hell as a lesson of forgiveness against those who have wronged him in the past.

The pastor has shared many similar views on his TikTok account where he uploads question-and-answer videos and excerpts from his sermons.

In another video, he claimed that singer Beyonce is ‘confused’ and influenced by ‘greater forces’, spreading ‘wrong messages’ in her 2022 album Renaissance.

Meanwhile, Rihanna is expected to perform at the 2023 Superbowl Halftime Show on February 12, to the anticipation of many fans.

The show will be the popstar’s first live performance since the 2018 Grammy Awards.


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