The best Chinese restaurants in Singapore for Cantonese fare: Double-boiled soups, dim sum, suckling pigs and more

Amongst all the different schools of Chinese cooking, Cantonese cuisine remains one of the most popular styles for its emphasis on fresh ingredients, elaborate presentation, and versatile cooking techniques.

And then, there’s the fact that a large number of Chinese people around the world have ancestors that come from Guangdong, where the exquisite fare originated. From double-boiled soups and roasted suckling pigs to intricate dim sum creations, here are the best Cantonese restaurants in Singapore.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

PHOTO: Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

Blending traditional culinary practices and modern sensibilities, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant crafts a menu of elevated Cantonese cuisine, from handcrafted dim sum to classic favourites.


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