To avoid compensating neighbour, man in China transfers assets to wife and divorces her

A man in China thought himself clever after divorcing his wife to avoid compensating his neighbour, whom he injured in a car accident.

The man, surnamed Zhou, was driving in a residential compound in Shanghai when he accidentally hit his neighbour, surnamed Chen, Star Video reported last Tuesday (Aug 8).

As they were unable to agree on a compensation amount, Chen brought the matter to a local court in Shanghai, which ruled that Zhou should remunerate Chen 200,000 yuan (S$37,000) to cover his medical expenses and disability compensation.

In a subsequent ruling however, it was discovered that Zhou had no listed personal assets and was supposedly unable to compensate Chen.

An investigation into Zhou’s finances and records of properties and marriage revealed that Zhou had transferred two properties to his wife and divorced her shortly after he was ordered to pay damages to Chen.

The divorce agreement also stipulated that his ex-wife would not be liable for the debts of Zhou.

In view of Zhou’s deceitful act, the court granted Chen’s request for the property settlement to be revoked and ordered Zhou to pay the compensation he owed. The couple was also ordered to cover his legal fees.

Netizens were angered by Zhou’s actions and criticised him for his stinginess and selfish attitude.

“Blatantly taking advantage of legal loopholes,” one netizen commented.

“[He owns] two properties in Shanghai, yet divorced because of a 200,000 yuan compensation amount,” another wrote.

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