Try out this old fashioned curry mee at PJ New Town's Restaurant Feng Seng

PETALING JAYA, Jan 11 — If you’re looking for a milder old-fashioned curry mee, try this stall at PJ New Town.

It’s operated by Madam Loh who once ran a curry mee stall located at the popular corner coffee shop next to the cinema.

The stall is operated by Madam Loh

The stall is operated by Madam Loh

Back in the heydays of that coffee shop, everyone flocked there for the char kway teow manned by a friendly man known popularly as Fei Loh. As you waited for your char kway teow, one would order wantan mee or curry mee from the stalls that also operated in the busy coffee shop.

Find the stall right at the back of the coffee shop

Find the stall right at the back of the coffee shop

At Restaurant Feng Seng, the draw seems to be the economy rice especially at lunch. Diners start filling up tables from 11.30am onwards. You can also find chicken rice, pork noodles, pan mee and fish head noodles too. There is also a fruit stall that sells cut fruits and rojak.

The coffee shop is busy with patrons from the surrounding offices during lunch

The coffee shop is busy with patrons from the surrounding offices during lunch

With about 50 years of experience, Madam Loh serves up curry mee, curry chee cheong fun and fish ball noodles from her stall which she operates by herself.

Usually her curry mee is RM8 but when I walked to the stall to order, she was preparing a special order with additional ingredients for RM11 which looked good, so I opted for that.

My bowl was a heaped one with poached chicken, beancurd puffs, fried fuchuk, bean sprouts and cockles. The curry is flavourful just on its own, and I drank every drop of it. Accompanying it was a fragrant sambal too. Just squeeze the calamansi lime to add an appetising tangy taste to the mildly spicy sambal.

What I really enjoyed was the poached chicken with silky smooth meat. Truly great skills from Madam Loh to get that texture for the chicken. She also uses the softer, larger type of beancurd puffs which absorbs the curry well.

I also spied her prepping the fishball noodles with poached chicken. It looked like a bowl of simple comfort with a clear broth. She adds a generous dollop of fried minced garlic to give it an additional oomph.

Curry Mee Stall, Restaurant Feng Seng, 31, Jalan 52/1 (Further down from Tong Woh Enterprise), Petaling Jaya New Town, Petaling Jaya. Open: 7am to 2pm. Closed on Sunday and public holidays. Tel:012-9346551

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