'We accept you now': American woman's first taste of durian in Singapore leaves locals impressed

Assimilating into a new society will almost always have its challenges.

But what doesn’t hurt is to be open to trying new experiences.

TikTok user Unicornheatt, who goes by Heather, is doing exactly that after her recent move from San Francisco to Singapore.

She’s giving the local cuisine a go and it’s not simply a mouthful of chicken rice or a slurp of laksa broth.

Instead, Heather went all in by trying out the king of fruits for the first time.

On Monday (July 31), she posted a TikTok clip of her review of the Mao Shan Wang durian.

@unicornheatt trying DURIAN for the first time ft. auntie and uncle reactions 😂 on this episode of american trying new foods in southeast asia hahaa #durian #durianlover #sgfoodie #duriantraveler #sgtiktok #sgexpat ♬ Golden Hour: Piano Version – Andy Morris

The durian is quite divisive, even among locals.

The general consensus is that you either find it completely repulsive or addictively delicious. 

Heather seemed rather apprehensive at first, as she did not know how to eat a durian.

“Interesting smell. I don’t know if I’m going to like this,” she said, before taking her first bite of the durian flesh.

But one bite was all it took.

Heather was sold on the smooth and creamy texture, which she did not expect.

A few nods of the head and a couple more sniffs of the fruit later, it was clear that this was a positive first experience for her.

“Must try if you haven’t had [it yet],” she mentioned. 

No prizes for guessing how locals responded to this review of the durian.

“Okay, we accept you now,” one netizen cheekily mentioned in the comments section.

In a separate TikTok video posted last Saturday (July 29), Heather shared what her first taste of bread ice cream was like.

She headed to Uncle Chieng’s at Orchard with her husband, who was especially excited given that his last taste of the dessert was during his childhood.

The couple enjoyed their ice cream standing by the pavement and found the corn flavour to be the best. 

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