“WFH lower pay or WFO higher pay” — Man asks which job offer to choose

SINGAPORE: A single 30-year-old man with no kids recently took to an online forum to ask Singaporeans to weigh in on a carer decision he has to make after reportedly receiving a job offer for a $1000 bump increase.

“Started a new job this year but got another job offer for a $1000 bump increase,” the online user wrote in an online forum on Wednesday (Feb 14). “Current job (is) work-from-home 3 days, SME company, travelling takes 1.5 hours to and fro, office in a very ulu corner of Singapore, required skillset is something new and I’m still learning to get good. Company culture (is) traditional and has lots of rules.”

The writer then gave people some specifics of the new job offer, saying, “Full five days work-from-office, reputable MNC company, travelling takes 1 hour to and fro, office in the city, required skillset is what I did before and I’m very confident in doing so. Not sure about the culture because (I’ve) never worked there before but Glassdoor Review has the same score as my current job.

“Me, (I’m a) 30-year-old male, single, no kids. I’m inclined to accept the new job, due to the pay bump (and) I don’t have many commitments apart from myself now, but just wanna come up here to see whether anybody has any similar experience on this and a second take. Any opinions are appreciated!”

The post got a lot of responses, with many saying they would take the MNC offer, especially considering the higher pay.

“All in all (it) is up to your own personal decision,” wrote one. “However, for me, I would take the MNC due to: looks better on resume (able to handle global and big company situations) and pay bump.”

“Take the MNC,” said another. “It will look good on your resume plus it puts you in a better spot to negotiate for a higher pay in the future. Who knows, you might get an even better offer in future that includes WFH too.”

Still, a third said, “Don’t be that loser who rejects an obviously better offer because of current WFH arrangements, only to have them removed at some point in the future at a moment’s notice. It’s a privilege and not an entitlement.”

“Take the offer if it doesn’t hurt your career,” a fourth advised the man. “Money is money while you’re still young with no obligations. Invest the extra money (I assume you don’t need it urgently since you’re contemplating staying on at your current role) and thank yourself later.”

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