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Can I suggest that the former Newsnight presenter Peter Snow, who feels starved of the journalism that matters (Letters, 1 December), watches Channel 4 News? At 55 minutes, it has ample time for in-depth analysis, and the journalism is of the highest standard.
Philip Holdsworth
Rhos-on-Sea, Conwy

It must be a sign of my age that, as soon as Zoe Williams mentioned her previous husband’s choice of the name Thurston for their baby, I thought of Thurston Dart, the classical musician, not a pop star. (Worried about naming your baby? Don’t be, 5 December).
Marie Paterson
Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Why on earth would any self-respecting woman want to join a club where many of the members despise women (Most Garrick club members favour admitting women, poll reveals, 3 December)? And what does it say about men who might claim to respect women but are desperate to continue being members?
Barbara Richardson

Perhaps the £13.7m that it cost to keep the two pandas in Britain (Letters, 5 December) is what the four pandas around a table in China were laughing about in the photo in Tuesday’s print edition (Bamboo again?, 5 December).
Jonathan Taylor
Fowey, Cornwall

Re apostrophe usage, I used to smile patronisingly at a sign on an Irish country road that read “Cow’s crossing”, until I realised that there might have been only one cow (Letters, 28 November).
John Horgan
Dublin, Ireland


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