White, black or… spicy? Cafe in China whips up chilli coffee, says it sells 300 cups a day

If you can’t handle spice, you might want to skip this new coffee craze in China.  

A coffee shop in China has a bizarre beverage on its menu — chilli coffee.

Jiangxi’s Spicy Chilli Latte, a spice-infused coffee, was launched by Jingshi Coffee, a coffee chain in Jiangxi province, eastern China last December, South China Morning Post reported.

A clip posted by Chinese video platform Pear Video on Weibo, showed a Jingshi Coffee employee adding sliced peppers and some hot pepper powder in a cup of iced latte before serving it. 

According to local media, the popular beverage costs about 20 yuan ($3.80). 

An employee told Pear Video that they have yet to receive a negative review for their spice-infused coffee and that the cafe sells up to 300 cups of this beverage a day. 


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