Who is Maren Morris, the country singer who took her kid to a drag show? The ‘Hero’ star rose to fame working with Kelly Clarkson and Tim McGraw, and is outspoken against transphobia and racism

Maren Morris is defending her decision to take her four-year-old son to a drag show. During a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show last Friday, the country singer told the host: “It was an all-ages show, so it was completely family-friendly. We were doing a benefit at Bridgestone last year when they were doing the drag ban in Tennessee.”
Maren Morris recently sparked criticism for taking her four-year-old to a drag show. Photo: @marenmorris/Instagram

Facing criticism online, Morris clapped back at haters by taking to her Instagram Stories to write, “OK, this ‘save the children’ plea always seems to distract from what we’re actually talking about.” She added, “Drag is centuries-long performance art and some drag is only for adults,” Morris went on. “The performance I referenced in this interview was a charity all-ages show to protest the unlawful drag ban in Tennessee that was rightfully overturned.”

Maren Morris in a selfie from September 2023. Photo: @marenmorris/Instagram

Ultimately, many netizens can agree that it’s up to Morris on how she raises her children, but as they say, haters gonna hate.

It’s not the first time Morris has publicly spoken up against important causes either. Per CNN, she has been outspoken against racism and transphobia over the years too.

So who is she exactly?

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Where is Maren Morris from?

Maren Morris hails from Texas. Photo: @marenmorris/Instagram

According to her IMDB profile, Morris was born in Dallas, Texas on April 10, 1990. The 34-year-old American singer was raised in Arlington by her hairdresser mum and shop-owner dad, and was drawn to music from a young age, per Vogue.

“Growing up in the South, loving country music, subconsciously I had some fear of going too bold with a sound,” she told the magazine in 2023.

How did Maren Morris get famous?

Maren Morris looking glam in another selfie from February. Photo: @marenmorris/Instagram

Per Vogue, Morris started to rise to fame after moving to Nashville in her early 20s. Big-name country singers like Clarkson and Tim McGraw wanted to record songs she wrote.

Planet Radio states that she got her big break when she released her self-titled EP in 2015, with hits like “My Church” launching her to musical stardom. When she released the album Hero the following year, she grew even more popular with the record reaching No 1 on the Top Country Albums Chart and No 5 on the Billboard 200 Chart.

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How did Maren Morris and her ex-husband Ryan Hurd meet?

Maren Morris (pictured) once dated Ryan Hurd. Photo: @marenmorris/Instagram

According to People, Morris and her now-ex-husband Ryan Hurd met for the first time in 2013, when they were writing “Last Turn Home” for McGraw. They didn’t begin their relationship until later, and ended up tying the knot in 2018. The country musicians finalised their divorce in January this year.

What did Maren Morris name her baby?

Per People, Morris and Hurd welcomed their first child, Hayes Andrew Hurd, on March 23, 2020.


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