'Who will drink tea with me from now on?' Malaysian man heartbroken after car kills wife before his eyes

An elderly man in Malaysia was traumatised and devastated after he saw his wife die before his own eyes. 

The couple were having breakfast together on Nov 24 at a coffee shop in Negeri Sembilan when a car crashed into the eatery, reported 8world. 

The driver, a man in his 70s, had reportedly lost control of his car while trying to park outside the coffee shop. 

Instead, he stepped on the accelerator and crashed into the corridor of the coffee shop, where the couple were seated. 

Speaking to Malaysian media at his wife’s funeral on Nov 26, the bereaved man, surnamed Chen, recounted details of the accident.

Chen and his wife were about to have their usual morning tea at a coffee shop when the car came crashing in.

The 82-year-old said he heard a loud sound, and was flung to the ground by the impact. 

His wife was killed on the spot. 

Although the elderly man narrowly escaped death, he went into shock and was unable to move or speak for two hours, reported Oriental Daily. 

“Over the past few days, I keep thinking about my wife accompanying me to drink tea. Now that she’s gone, I feel very lonely,” said the anguished man. 

“She left just like that, I’m heartbroken, and I have no more tears left to shed. Who would drink tea with me from now on?” 

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