Woman in China allegedly tries to poison pregnant colleague to avoid extra work during maternity leave

A woman allegedly resorted to a sinister act against her pregnant colleague after worries about shouldering extra work during the latter’s maternity leave poisoned her mind.

In a 11-second video that has been circulating on Chinese social media, the employee of the Hydrology and Water Resources Investigation Bureau in Hubei province is seen walking up to the other woman’s desk and pouring a powder-like substance into her cup before walking away.

And it is possible that the woman had done it more than once.

WeChat conversations between the pregnant woman and her friends revealed that she felt her water had tasted strange on multiple occasions — which she initially attributed to the office’s water supply.

However, the taste persisted even after she switched to boiled bottled water.

When her friend joked that someone might have tampered with her water, she became suspicious.

She then used her iPad to record her desk and anybody who approached it, eventually catching her colleague in the act.

The powdery substance is allegedly known to cause miscarriages, according to Chinese media.


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